Welcome to The Nebula Centre!

We’re very excited to announce the opening of our new centre where we provide hands on education for curious minds. Join us in our quest to grab the imaginations of the next generation of inventors, scientists and engineers. Our programmes, which include aspects of science, technology, engineering, art, nature and mathematics, encourage children to use their inquisitive natures to discover a wealth of learning through play.

Our mission is to provide a mixture of prescriptive and open learning experiences, to make learning fun and inspire creativity. We run a number of classes and have a wonderful selection of customisable party ideas, which will make your party unique and unforgettable!

What do we offer

We have an on-site café for class members and their parents offering a range of tasty snacks and small meals, giving parents the option to stay nearby whilst their children are in classes. You can relax in our cosy indoor seating area or connect with nature outdoors.

Pre-School Classes (1 to 4 year olds)

Pre-school Sessions £4 per child for a 45 minute session, we have both indoors and outdoor sessions and are designed around the EYFS framework.

After-School Classes (4 to 12 year olds)

After school sessions are £5 per hour per child, we offer Forest School, STEM and Art classes after school on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays and all day on Sundays.


For a bespoke party that you’ll never forget, trust the Nebula Centre to create a party specifically designed with you in mind. Parties can cater for children aged 3 to 18, just let us know the age range and number of people attending and we will tailor a party to your guests. Our party food packages cater for everyone – and parents are welcome to enjoy the beautiful surroundings in our café if they choose to wait with their children.

Colour and Craft

We have a great selection of ceramic items that can be either painted and taken on the day or left with us to be glazed.


Have some forest school fun with your whole class or use our facilities for individuals that need an alternative education provision, we will provide a bespoke learning plan for you upon request.