We offer Therapeutic Art with Amy and Counselling Services run by Hannah Byrne Therapy.


We all experience times in our lives when things feel too much for us, our emotions can be frightening and scary. We can feel so very overwhelmed, stuck or simply lost. We may have experienced a major change in our lives, such as loss which comes in so many different forms, such as relationships, work, experiencing a long term illness, the death of a loved one or even losing our sense of who we are.

Counselling is a talking therapy that helps unravel and unpick those very difficult feelings we are having. It is a unique space and relationship allowing us to really be heard and really hear our own voices above all others, without judgement. It allows us an opportunity to make sense out of what we have or are experiencing and explore a new way of doing or being. It is important to find someone whom you feel comfortable with when entering into therapy, someone who you can be with and sit with into the most hard to reach places of yourself. If you’re considering therapy I offer a free telephone consultation to allow you time and space to see how you feel with me and to ensure we are the right fit for you.

Hello my name is Hannah, I’ve always held a passion for working with wellbeing working in the field of mental health for many years. Over time I transitioned and retrained as a person centred counsellor. Whilst I work in many different areas within counselling I hold a passion for working within the area of loss. It truly is a privilege to work with people experiencing the darkest and most painful times in their lives and being able to support them in their grief and loss, and is something I am very passionate about.

Through my experience as a volunteer counsellor for the Macmillan Wellbeing centre based in Trafford I have developed a specialism in supporting people experiencing loss and bereavement, as well as those who have received a cancer diagnosis and those caring for a loved one with a cancer diagnosis or long term illness. When we lose a loved one we are affected in so many different ways and all parts of us are deeply affected, there is not one part of our lives the pain of grief does not touch. I can be with you and support you in those moments and we will work through your loss together

What to expect

I understand how hard taking the first step to seeking support is, and finding the right person to work with you is so very important. With this in mind I offer a free telephone consultation where I can introduce myself and how I work. We can think about what has brought you to this point and what you would like to gain from counselling. Together we can explore how we would work together as we are all unique.

Following if you feel ready we can book an appointment in a mode that feels right for you. Some people prefer to work face to face, others over the telephone, some people online. I have two current bases where I can see people face to face, The Nebula Centre in Carrington, which is a beautiful haven of peace and calm, and a room in Centre of Urmston.

What next

Sessions are 50 minutes with a designated hour for our time together giving us time as each session closes to make further arrangements or reflect on where you feel in your therapy journey.


£50 a session


  • Certificate in counselling – Level 3
  • Post graduate diploma in counselling and psychotherapy – Level 7
  • Mental health Nursing – Degree
  • Arts for the blues training
  • CPD – Grief & Loss through Trafford Wellbeing service
  • More than Words – Trauma Therapy Manchester

Get in touch

Feel free to get in touch so we can book in a free telephone consultation where I can introduce myself and how I work.

Telephone: 07359363131