Why not have your next party at the Nebula Centre. We have a wonderful selection of customisable party ideas, which will make your party unique and unforgettable! We aim to offer the full package to make your party as easy as possible, choose our party bag and cake packages and we will take care of everything for you!

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Parties at the Nebula Centre

For a unique party that you’ll never forget, trust the Nebula Centre to create a party specifically designed with you in mind. Parties can cater for children aged 3 to 16. Our party food packages cater for everyone – and parents are welcome to enjoy the beautiful surroundings in our café if they choose to wait with their children. A typical party will last 2hrs and follow a theme from the following choices.

We now have a selection of party bags to chose from, only £2.50 a bag and some fabulous cakes by Marie’s Bakehouse to choose from. Our party extras make your event run smoothly without you having to lift a finger!

Alternatively, if you prefer to DIY, you can hire our space for £50 which includes one member of staff, and we can cater your party for £5 per person. This is available on any Sunday party and the 10am and 4pm party slots on Saturdays.

Colour and Craft

This party can be tailored to suit any age group, younger children join forces to complete and epic mural of the birthday child’s name, make playdough, decorate ornaments and layer rainbow water, older children can decorate their own pencil cases, coasters, glow jars and make candles. There is plenty for your guests to take home with this party.  Indoor – All ages

Wizards and Potions

Ever wondered what happens when you mix floo powder with polyjuice? Well here’s your opportunity to find out! Carefully follow the instructions in your spell book, you’re in for whizz popping treat. Our witches and wizards are invited into the garden to create their own wands before coming back indoors to complete three guided experiments. Indoor/outdoor All ages

Pamper Party

Create your own pamper package by making your own cosmetics, bath bombs and soaps to take home and relax after a hard day of partying! There is an extra charge of £2.50 per child for this party, children usually have time to make 4 items to take home with them which includes a selection of bath bombs, candles, soaps, lip balms, shampoo and conditioner. Maximum of 15 children. Indoor Ages 8 upwards

Science Spectacular

Do you see yourself as a Scientist? Why not have a go at some of our favourite experiments with your friends and have a party in The Nebula Laboratory! Create and test a pH indicator, learn about density, neutralisation reactions and make a lava lamp, our scientists will complete 4 guided experiments in this party. Indoor – All ages

Apocalypse Training

Would you know what to do if you had to survive after an apocalypse? Build a shelter, cook over the fire, use orienteering skills to find supplies and learn how to survive and rebuild civilisation – the world is counting on you! Outdoor – ages 8 upwards

Wriggly Roadshow*

hosted by Wriggly Roadshow

You can pick up to 5 creatures to meet, you can find details of all the animals on All of our creatures are very tame, responsibly sourced and kept to the highest standard.

One by one, each of the animals are brought out and everyone (including the grownups!) gets a chance to meet/hold/cuddle all the different creatures. While the animals are being handled, James explains a bit about their habitat, behaviour, feeding habits and lots of other interesting and fun information. There is plenty of time during the session for people to ask questions and there are lots of great photo opportunities!

The maximum number of children in one session is 20. This ensures that everyone gets an adequate amount of time to meet each of the animals and any stress caused to the animals is minimised. There will be 90 minutes with the animals, your buffet will be served after this. Minimum order £200.

Bricktastic Party*

hosted by Bricktastic Stay and Play

A room full of construction bricks with different engineering challenges for you to work with your friends on, see what you can achieve in this hands-on party. Indoor – All ages

Woodland Wonders

Den building, nature art or toasting marshmallows on the fire, there is something for everyone in our beautiful woodland area, be sure to wear your wellies and outdoor clothing, it’s going to get muddy! Outdoor – All ages

Dino Adventure

Join us on a Jurassic adventure and hatch your very own baby dinosaur, meet our resident T-Rex, build dino-dens, watch the volcanoes erupt and create some dinosaur’s toothpaste, this party is great for our younger explorers. Outdoor – ages 3-7

Crazy Construction

Build the best den, the highest tower, the strongest bridge and most creative playground. We use bricks, straws, sticks and sweeties with series of guided construction activities. Teamwork is the name of the game in this crazy construction party. Indoor/Outdoor all ages

Peter Rabbit Party

Dodge Mr McGregor to get your tools, dig for the ingredients you need to make a delicious recipe and make your own herb garden!

Finish off with a picnic, including ice cream and cake! Outdoor – Under 4s

This party is 1.5 hours of led activities and food, followed by 30 minutes of free play in the garden.

Mad Hatters Tea Party

Don your mad hat, make Slime, create a ‘Drink me’ potion and play croquet in our very own Wonderland! Indoor/Outdoor all ages

Hip hip Hurray!

Bright colours, tie-dye, lava lamps, groovy glasses and hippy headbands, can you dig it? Indoor ages 8 upwards

Awesome Artists*

hosted by Artistic Adventures

A guided painting session where guests are able to follow our resident artist step-by-step to create their very own masterpiece to be proud of. Each child receives their own canvas board and easel to bring their own painting to life, this party is bursting full of creative fun. Indoor Ages 8 upwards

Sunday Small Indoor Parties
12:15 – 12:45
1 hour 45 mins party including cold buffet                                       
£150 up to 10 guests  (£15 per extra person)

Sunday Indoor/Outdoor Parties
2:45 – 4:45 
2 hour party including cold buffet                                       
£150 up to 10 guests  (£15 per extra person)
£250 up to 20 guests  (£12.50 per extra person)

Exclusive Parties – Indoor/Outdoor
All Saturday Parties
2 hour party including cold buffet with exclusive use of the premises                                      
£250 up to 20 guests  (£12.50 per extra person)                                                         

For additional numbers, please email for a personalised quote.  

Party Bags

Our party bags follow the party themes, each have 5 items in and are only £2.50 each.

Party Food

Our standard cold food platter is included in the party package price. This includes ham and cheese sandwiches, fruits and vegetables, mini sausages, crisps, cupcakes and ice cream. Unlimited cordial and water is included as standard, cans of fizzy drinks and milkshakes are available to purchase from the cafe if required. If you would like to upgrade to a hot dog or pizza option, this is an extra £1 per child, and replaces sandwiches with hot dogs or pizza.

Party Cakes

We have teamed up with Marie’s Bakehouse in Urmston to provide delicious birthday cakes to match your birthday theme. Choose between vanilla or chocolate sponge, with buttercream icing, the name and age of the birthday child and we will add a topper to match your Nebula Party theme.

6″ Birthday Cake (12 – 14 slices) £45
8″ Birthday Cake (20 – 24 slices) £55

*once we have received a party booking, we endeavour to contact the outside provider within 24 hours to secure the time. We hope to confirm the party slot within one week. This applies to the wriggly roadshow, artistic adventures and bricktastic parties only.